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The term growth hacking was coined by the entrepreneur Sean Ellis. He is actually CEO of a company called Growth hackers, among others. Growth hacking is essentially just the process of rapid growth – of expansion beyond what could normally be expected via more traditional methods of marketing. It has become something of a buzzword in the world of business, yet remains a genuine strategic element. The very concept of growth hacking is young but has become a real staple in the space, continuing to generate buzz since it was coined nine years ago. There is a reason for such buzz. Growth hacking works. It works in and can work for every industry known to man, depending on how it’s implemented. The question is not if it works, but how. Luckily growth hacker marketing books can shed light on this.

Making proper use of growth hacker marketing is not a simple process, and requires specific actions. Luckily it is something a person can teach themselves. Among the best ways to learn is through reading books. Many growth hacker marketing books have been published, of varying credibility. It can be difficult to select which ones contain genuine value. So I thought it would be useful for me to write a list of a handful that I know from personal experience are the real deal. To qualify for the list they do not necessarily need to be entirely focused on the topic of growth hacker marketing. They need only to be orientated towards developing the skills and mindset that will aide in growth hacking. So, in no particular order, here are the five best growth hacker marketing books.

5: Growth Engines

Growth Hacker Marketing Books: Growth Engines
From the man who coined the term growth hacking himself, Growth Engines looks in depth at a range of companies who have made use of growth hacker marketing in recent years, and examines the common theme behind their success. Case studies include Uber, Github, Snapchat, and many more mega success stories. But you don’t need to be behind a unicorn to benefit from the lessons in this little book. Businesses of any size and in any position can in some way use growth hacking. If you desire a good basic overview of numerous strategies, Growth Engines is a good option for you.

4: Hacking Independence: 40 Freelance Growth Hacking Tips To Try Right Now

The name of this book alone shows why it’s such an interesting read for anyone wanting to explore growth hacking. It straight up just gives you 40 tips and strategies that even beginners who no nothing of marketing can use to make their chances of effective growth hacking more likely. There’s nothing glamorous about it. Just 40 basic but highly efficient tips. It’s not a book I expect experienced marketers to be interested in. But for younger people or for those just starting to explore this space, give it a read. A lot of what is contained in the book will seem obvious, but with it being concise and well written, you’re sure to come out of it a better marketer.

3: Contagious: Why Things Catch On

Growth Hacker Marketing Books: Jonah Berger
It is unwise to solely read growth hacker marketing books when attempting to learn this skill. So much more knowledge is required of you in order to be an effective growth hacker. You need an understanding of people. An understanding, specifically, of why humans become interested in ideas products and movements, and spread them among other people. This book gives that exact insight. Contagious is written by Joanah Berger, a man who has dedicated years of his life to studying this topic from a scientific perspective. His wealth of data and studies enables him to explain why things catch on in a way no one else can. The book is accessible, easily readable by experienced marketers and young teenagers alike. I was 19 when I first read Contagious. Words cannot express how much value I got, and continue to get from the book today.

2: Growth Hacking 101: What You Need To Know To Get Started

In this book, Heather Wilde gives a truly inclusive introduction. It’s been surmised as “growth hacking for the non growth hacker”. There are many growth hacker marketing books but few can bring complete beginners up to a level like this one. It’s a quick read designed to give a basic knowledge of growth hacking to anyone interested. In my view, any business person of any experience could benefit from a read of Growth Hacking 101.

1: Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising

Growth Hacker Marketing Books: Ryan Holiday
Of all the authors featured on this list, Ryan Holiday is by far the most well known. His career alone is enough of a testament to how effective growth hacker marketing can be. From complete obscurity he rose to become the director of marketing for American Apparel and editor at large of the New York observer. He knows marketing, and has used growth hacking not only for his clients, but for himself, becoming the best selling author of multiple books on a variety of subjects. So clearly if he were to write growth hacker marketing books they would be of tremendous value to readers. Well, that’s exactly what he’s done.

The most important of which is simply called Growth Hacker Marketing. In many ways it’s the ultimate introduction to growth hacking, giving not only a great explanation and exploration of the basic idea of and history behind such process. But also looking at personal case studies from Ryan Holiday’s life and case studies from big companies like paypal and google. It’s a really good read, one that you can’t miss. Of all the growth hacker marketing books on the market right now, this is the one I would without a doubt recommend every time.