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Drip Marketing Explained

Drip marketing is a simple concept. It involves promoting your brand directly through a series of small messages to potential clients. Through email, social media, or any other method you can think of, you create a steady stream of messages to gradually persuade your target. Studies show the amount of times a person is exposed to a brand often makes them much more likely to use it. That’s it. That’s the whole idea behind drip marketing.

But this simple idea can manifest in many different ways, thanks to a number of factors. The messages you send can either be automated and fairly stale, or personalized to each individual. The latter is generally more effective, but more time consuming and therefore reaches less people. The content of the message also of course matters. The trick is to keep the messages short. Don’t go in for the kill right away, you’re aiming for a gradual exposure to your brand over a lengthy period of time. It’s a fairly flexible form of marketing and has been used for centuries. Whereas you can easily deploy drip marketing through internet communications, it can come in the form of a letter or postcard.

The Strategy

Human biology hasn’t changed over the last few hundred years so you can expect such a strategy to be just as successful as ever. In a world where viral and influencer marketing are getting way too much attention, drip marketing could be your secret weapon. Perhaps it is most effective in generating leads through email. But the truth is the only limitation to this kind of marketing is the limit of your imagination. So try it out, especially if you’re running a small business or are freelancing. There’s no reason to let big businesses have all the fun with drip marketing. Especially since it seems to be just as effective regardless of the size of the company.

But remember this, it’s important to plan out your messages before you begin using the strategy on a person. Decide on the timing of each message and how heavily you will push your brand. Then commence with the process once you have determined so. This is why the messages typically seem so stale and corporate. They tend to follow a standard format and just be automated, hence why drip marketing is especially popular for email. But, like I mentioned, it can be used in all kinds of ways.